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Due to neglect or inadequate brushing techniques, many people suffer from dental disease such as cavities; gum inflammation, puffiness, or bleeding; and plaque and calculus. PowerSmile educates readers on better dental health and creates awareness of the undeniable, absolute connection between oral hygiene and the prevention of direr and serious conditions such as heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, and atherosclerosis.

White Coat Syndrome is real! Many patients go through a great deal of anxiety and misunderstanding when it comes to dentistry, sometimes to the extent of actual phobias or even nightmares. PowerSmile puts these worries to rest by answering all those questions we have about oral habits and dentist practices. Too often, the fear of going to the dentist prevents people from doing so, until mouth pain becomes unbearable or infections become life-threatening. PowerSmile reveals the origin of these unnecessary phobias and offers practical advice on how to overcome it, allowing for pain-free visits and pain prevention.

There are a variety of types of dental care professionals, and many patients struggle to know which practitioner they should see for their particular issues. There is also a great deal of uncertainty about treatments and possible outcomes. In PowerSmile, find numerous strategies to help you achieve successful treatment plans and communicate well with your dentist, so that you will find the answers you’ve been looking for. Learn the differences between the specialists, know which professional to visit, and discover the most confident, healthiest smile you’ve ever worn, your PowerSmile!


  • The power of oral hygiene prevents strokes and heart attacks.
  • Learn the difference between dental care professionals and specialists so you will know who is right for you.
  • Clearly communicate with your dentist to better understand your treatment plan.
  • Learn the best way to get all your questions answered.
  • Learn how to make your time with your dentist more productive and reduce tension between doctor and patient.
  • Remember that doctors and dentists are humans, too, but what responsibilities do they have when it comes to treating you?

      It is all about the Smile! Be Empowered with the knowledge and understanding you need to help you overcome the dreaded White Coat Syndrome. There is an absolute connection between proper oral hygiene and the prevention of heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, and atherosclerosis that will help you create a healthy and confident PowerSmile.

    • In the wonderful world of dentistry, powerful smiles can be created, even in patients who have lost or crooked teeth or gum disease. A wide array of specialists are out there to serve.
    • White Coat Syndrome leads to high blood pressure, unnecessary pain, elevated heart rate, and risk of severe illness.
    • Oral hygiene has an undeniable, absolute connection to the prevention of multiple diseases. Many suffer from needless heart attacks, strokes, and diabetes related to poor oral health and gum disease and inflammation. Discover how susceptible your body is to these diseases and how to prevent them from happening.
    • Build rapport with your dentist and enjoy the mutual benefits of clear, excellent communication.
    • Learn what your dentist requires and expects from you.
    • Brace yourself for learning all the advancements in technology and the advantages of having the best equipment available.
    • The choices are clear: Whether you opt for braces or invisalign learn the pros and cons of all the types of various orthodontic attachments.
    • Your teeth are not toys, so stop do-it-yourself orthodontics. Only trust your mouth to true dental professionals.
    • Retain your success and learn how to keep your teeth in the best possible health, even after orthodontic treatment.
    • Learn why x-rays are important to the success of your treatment.